Mariah’s was established in 2003 by a local Springfield family – and is still run by that same family. Our one-of-a-kind building boasts 45 ft. ceilings in one of the only log cabin restaurants in Illinois.

Mariah’s Steakhouse specializes in hand-cut, hand-selected certified Black Angus steaks. Mariah’s didn’t always specialize in steaks. We were originally known for our homemade pasta dishes. About 5 years ago we revaluated our menu and made some big changes. Those changes helped us become recognized as one of the highest-rated dining establishments in central Illinois. 

Our hand-cut steaks are graded prime and upper 2/3 choice from select Black Angus ranches in Nebraska.  We have maintained exceptional service throughout the years & our team works hard to go above and beyond for each of its guests. Our goal, at Mariah’s, is to make sure each guest feels unique & special in their own way.